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Project Coordinator

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Dr. Christos Kouloumentas
Tel: +30 210 772 2057
mail: ckou(at)mail.ntua.gr 
Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos
Tel: +30 210 772 2057
mail: hav(at)mail.ntua.gr
Technical Manager
III-V lab
Dr. Agnieszka Konczykowska
Tel: +33 (0)1 6040 6867
mail: agnieszka.konczykowska

System Concept

PANTHER will develop a new photonic integration platform based on InP modulator technology and passive optical polymers, and by virtue of this platform and further integration with InP-DHBT electronics and InP photodiodes will develop terabit transceivers that are capable of multi-rate, multi-format, multi-reach and multi-flow (4M) operation at rates up to 64 Gbaud within edge switches and data-center gateways. PANTHER will introduce the following innovations:

Coherent transmission at 64 Gbaud

PANTHER will introduce the disruptive jump in the symbol-rate of coherent transmission systems from 28-32 Gbaud to 64 Gbaud, as the most practical and efficient way in terms of performance, power consumption and cost to support the migration of current 100G systems to 400G and 1 Tb/s systems.

System-in-package transceivers with two flexibility dimensions at the physical implementation

PANTHER will develop modules with flexibility in the management of terabit capacities according to the traffic conditions in the network. In order to support 4M operation), PANTHER will develop system-in-package transmitters with flexibility both at the photonic and the electrical layer of the physical implementation of the transmitter.

Development of SDO capability and extension of SDN down to the flexible optical transport layer

The term SDO is used today to describe the potential for flexible end-to-end optical networking, but this description is still quite vague. PANTHER will introduce the term “SDO capability” as a specific and innovative control and management hierarchy, which will enable the exploitation of the flexibility characteristics of the optical transceivers, and the resultant flexibility of the network equipment (e.g. switch, router, data-center gateway) that comprises these transceivers.