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Dr. Christos Kouloumentas
Tel: +30 210 772 2057
mail: ckou(at)mail.ntua.gr 
Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos
Tel: +30 210 772 2057
mail: hav(at)mail.ntua.gr
Technical Manager
III-V lab
Dr. Agnieszka Konczykowska
Tel: +33 (0)1 6040 6867
mail: agnieszka.konczykowska

Deliverable D6.5 (Public Version)

This is the public version of deliverable D6.5 ("Development of edge SDN switch and evaluation in real network settings") Download here

This deliverable reports results on the evaluation of PANTHER transceiver in real settings using Telecom Italia (TIM) network resources. It describes the experimental setup and the results from the transmission experiments at 25 Gbaud with three different modulation formats (QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM), the reconfiguration capability of the device by an SDN controller, the integration of the SDN transceiver control platform in the SDN management meshed network architecture and the evaluation of the edge SDN switch/data-center gateway integrating PANTHER technology in some representative scenarios.
The trial has been performed in Telecom Italia premises in Torino, Italy, from October 9th to 20th. Equipment was installed in three different sites, two network exchanges and a lab termination site. Modules 0 and 1 were employed for the experiment, and this choice is justified by component availability at the time of the trial.